How It Works

A simple task list with simplified reporting.

But it's the simplicity that helps cut through the chaos for reporting to clients and stakeholders, particularly for freelancers and small teams.

Easily Track and Report:

  • Overall Project Status (% Complete)
  • Latest Activity
  • Next Milestone
  • Estimated Delivery Date

Simple Features,
Simplifying Results.

Everything you need to communicate, no extra bells and whistles.

Progress Reporting And Tracking - Roadmap Tracker Feature Image

Progress Reporting And Tracking

Quantify the status of your project easily in an intuitive format all your stakeholders will understand (PERCENT % Complete). Roadmaps are simple linear lists of tasks, each with their own details and features to help itemize your goals and resources in a single place.

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Simple Sharing and Access - Roadmap Tracker Feature Image

Simple Sharing and Access

We've never been able to get a client or stakeholder to login to a project management system, and they shouldn't have to! Easily automate reporting via email, printed PDF, or send them the link to the project Roadmap. Varying permissions keep your project data safe, and your client only needs to enter their email to login, no arduous setup required.

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Weekly Reports - Roadmap Tracker Feature Image

Weekly Reports

Automate the status updates before the client requests them. Keep everyone on track and accountable. Updates happen where you expect them, via a simple consolidated email.

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Permissions With Ease - Roadmap Tracker Feature Image

Permissions With Ease

By default, all Roadmaps are private, but if you're not saving any private data, you can make your Roadmap fully public, then team members and clients wont even need to login, just send them the tracking link and report the status with ease.

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Resources and Links - Roadmap Tracker Feature Image

Resources and Links

Consolidate all your project's resources in a single place. Link to external applications and assets to create a single source of truth so your clients aren't digging through emails looking for that last deliverable.

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Team and Client Contact Cards - Roadmap Tracker Feature Image

Team and Client Contact Cards

Simplify the project's contact directory. Anyone involved in the project on the team or client-side can populate their profile to facilitate the conversation where you already have it. We didn't create a redundant messaging platform.

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PDF Roadmap Exports - Roadmap Tracker Feature Image

PDF Roadmap Exports

Easily export your Roadmap and current status to a print-ready PDF format so you can walk into you're next meeting ready to answer "What's the status?" by throwing down the printed report.

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Track and Manage Time - Roadmap Tracker Feature Image
Pro Feature

Track and Manage Time

Simple time tracking and reporting functionality so you can share and quantify you and your teams contributions.

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Weighted Phases - Roadmap Tracker Feature Image
Pro Feature

Weighted Phases

By default, all Roadmaps are evenly divided by the number of tasks to calculate the percent (%) complete for reporting. Pro users can customize the weight of Phase to more accurately report the project's status.

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Pro Feature

Roadmap Templates

Easily create new roadmaps based on your saved templates. Optimize your process further by updating your process after each journey.

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Pro Feature

Branded Roadmaps

Dress to impress by adding you or your clients brand on the Roadmap. This ensures everyone feels right at home in a personalized tracking environment.

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Pro Feature - Coming Soon

AI Roadmap Generation

Use the power of AI to efficiently plan and optimize your Roadmap Phases and Tasks. With the power of artificial intelligence powered by Meta's Llama 2 you can make your process even better!

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Tired of getting asked (or asking) β€œWhat’s the Status?!” Insert Roadmap Tracker. Easily track and share with a single link and automated email reports.

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